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Canopy Building Group's goal is to create homes and home communities that foster balanced lifestyle. Our dedication to this vision can be seen in the quality of materials we use, to the layout designs we execute. With clean design aesthetic and a focus on lifestyle amenities our vision is to create homes that an owner will cherish for years to come.

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Our Experience

The principal owners in Canopy Building Group have contributed to the development of thousands of residential units across the west coast. Ranging from Multifamily Apartments to Custom Houses, Canopy can help its clients develop and construct a variety of residential buildings. Whether its your dream home or an income producing multifamily investment, Canopy Building Group can help achieve your vision


Efficiency is our bottom line.  At Canopy Builders Group we keep in mind throughout the entire process that the materials used are built to last. Living in the PNW poses it's challenges for builders. We combat our building environment with sturdy materials that can stand the test of time. High-end siding, top of the line window materials and reliable roofs are a must for our homes.


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